After the dramatic success of its first commercial bottlings, which sold out within a matter of hours in major retailers across Europe, terroir-driven producer Waterford Distillery has brought forward four new whisky bottlings to meet demand.

    The Single Farm Origin whiskies form part of Waterford’s highly sought-after range of uber-provenance, natural single malt whiskies, which explore Irish terroir one farm, once place, at a time.

    Influenced by the world’s greatest winemakers, Waterford Distillery obsessively brings the same intellectual drive, methodology & rigour to single malt whisky. For the first time the focus is on barley, the origin of whisky’s complex flavours. Irish barley is widely considered to be the world’s finest.

    Waterford’s Single Farm Origin whiskies are expressions of precision and purity showcasing barley flavours derived from individual Irish farms and harvests.


    The debut of two entirely new Single Farm Origins editions are:

    Ballymorgan: Edition 1.1 – grown by Robert Milne on one of Ireland’s premier malting barley terroirs – the famous Clonroche Series in Co. Wexford, with its loamy, clay soils derived from slate and granite.

    Sheestown: Edition 1.1 – grown just outside the historic town of Kilkenny on an undulating, well-drained, lowland terroir predominantly derived from limestone, by Phil O’Brien, father of one of our distillery workers.

    In addition, a reprise of the original two sold out bottlings, slightly older second editions, has been brought forward to meet demand:

    Bannow Island: Edition 1.2 – the second release, now 3 months older, was grown by Ed Harpur on the extreme southern coast of Co. Wexford, where salt-laden Atlantic winds and sandy soils create a unique, if challenging, terroir.

    Ballykilcavan: Edition 1.2 – the second release, now 3 months older, uses barley grown by David Walsh-Kemmis west of the Barrow in Co. Laois in the barley heartlands, where his fertile fields are sheltered by ancient woodland.

    Bottled at 50% ABV without colouring, chill-filtration or any additives – totally natural – each bottle is priced at €70-80/£70 and will be available from specialist retailers from the end of July 2020 onwards.

    9,300 bottles of each whisky will be available throughout Europe, Taiwan and Japan, with totally unique Single Farm Origins coming to the US in September.

    Supporting the unparalleled provenance is the full disclosure on each whisky, including barrel breakdown, barley agronomy, farm origin maps, distillation data, farm photography and field audio accessed via each bottle’s unique TÉIREOIR Code.

    Waterford Distillery Founder & CEO Mark Reynier says: “We knew there was great interest from the inquisitive, curious and open-minded in our unique philosophy but we were totally unprepared – and mighty humbled – by such an enthusiastic reception. We know this has meant some frustration for people getting their hands on a pair, but please bear with us.

    “Our distributors say this is the most successful launch of a new distillery brand they have ever seen, and we have all been taken off guard. Everyone associated with Waterford Whisky from farmers to maltsters to distillers to warehousemen should be very proud. Sure, it’s early days, but our novel, traceable, transparent, terroir approach seems to have found a niche appreciated by today’s enlightened consumers.”

  • Just landed: Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak 🥃 at The Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News July 10, 2020

    Just landed:
    Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak 2020


    Introducing the latest release from Macallan’s Sherry Oak range. This sublime release has been matured in carefully selected sherry casks from Jerez, packing plenty of spice and notes of dried fruit, orange, ginger   and cinnamon..

    Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak 2020 Description

    Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak 2020 is the latest release from Macallan’s Sherry Oak range. As usual, this sublime release has been matured in carefully selected sherry casks from Jerez incorporating spice and dried fruit.

    The Macallan’s curiously small spirit stills are the smallest on Speyside. Their unique size and shape give the spirit maximum contact with the copper, helping to concentrate the ‘new make’ spirit and provide the viscosity and rich, fruity, full-bodied flavours so characteristic of The Macallan. There are fourteen of these curiously small spirit stills, crafted from copper, each holding an initial ‘charge’ of 3,900 litres. These stills are so famous that they have appeared on the back of a Bank of Scotland £10 banknote!

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  • Lagavulin 2003 Distillers Edition at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News July 10, 2020

    Lagavulin 2003

    Distillers Editions. Take this classic Islay Scotch whisky and give it an extra oomph with double maturation in pedro ximenex cask. Yes please! The second maturation in Pedro Ximinez brings a great fruity backbone to this Lagavulin, which balances greatly with the big bold classic smoke you would expect from Islay’s greatest distillery.


    Lagavulin Distillery was established in 1816 by John Johnston on the rocky south coast of the Isle of Islay. In 1908 the Malt Mill Distillery was built next to Lagavulin Distillery but closed in the early 1960s and, whilst some of its buildings remain as part of Lagavulin, the Malt Mill is now a lost distillery. Lagavulin has four stills and produces superbly balanced peated whisky. The core range is limited to the Lagavulin 16 Year Old and Distillers Edition with a limited edition single cask bottling produced each year for Feis Ile, the Islay Festival of Malt and Music.

     £94.02 / $97.74* / €104.30*

    Buy Now – Lagavulin 2003 Distiller’s Edition

  • Virtual Japanese Whiskey Tasting of Fukano & Ohishi Japanese Whiskies at The Whisky Shop #SFO Saturday, July 18th – Japanese Whisky News July 10, 2020

    Saturday, July 18th, 5:30PM:

    Virtual Japanese Whiskey Tasting: 

     Fukano & Ohishi with Chris Udhe

    Whether you’re a curious newcomer or Japanese whiskey fanatic, this virtual tasting is not one to be missed! Presented by ‘Whisky Evangelist’ and SoCal Whisky Society founder Chris Udhe, this zoom tasting features Ohishi and Fukano distilleries. You’ll get in-depth knowledge about the Japanese whiskey making process & history, plus a chance to ask all your whiskey related questions.

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